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As wide-ranging as the services LDR & Co. provides, so are the markets we serve. We have extensive experience in providing mechanical service work for mission critical operations and have built a trusted reputation among our varied clients. We provide full-service maintenance from a dedicated staff to ensure on-going system maintenance and quick repair.

Our experience encompasses a wide variety of capabilities; from retrofitting older buildings with new heating & cooling systems and DDC controls, to the installation of DDC control systems in new buildings from the ground up.


LDR & Co. specializes in recirculating chillers, liquid-to-liquid cooling systems, low ambient cooling systems, cold plates, and heat exchangers. Whether it’s a mobile unit, fixed hospital or clinic system, we can provide preventative maintenance to your CT and MRI chiller systems. Our factory trained and certified technicians and installers are dedicated to excellence and take pride in providing the highest level of installation and service.

We are experienced and possess the level of expertise necessary for handling the working procedures and quality assurance required in hospital facilities. Special practices are required for major renovations where work occurs in-and-around sensitive patient areas. Our team is adept at handling those sensitive situations where patient care cannot be compromised.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

LDR & Co’s quality assurance works in parallel to construction goals to ensure safe, clean projects marked by quality workmanship and superior testing.


Laboratory systems require superior vibration, temperature and humidity control, and air cleanliness. Our implemented systems provide temperature control that meets stringent scientific requirements. LDR & Co. has extensive experience in cleanroom construction and thoroughly understands the processes needed to provide the air cleanliness required by sensitive research.


Mechanical systems for institutional buildings also require very high standards. LDR & Co. has a track record of delivering successful installations where high quality and cost-effective solutions are essential.

Data Centers

Our data center experience includes analyzing heat loads and providing and installing Liebert equipment to control temperature and humidity.


LDR & Co. has worked with manufacturing projects throughout North Carolina from small to large buildings and complexes performing our own mechanical service work.