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Commercial and Industrial HVAC Maintenance and Service

Maintaining your facility’s HVAC systems is crucial to your bottom line.  We can help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve your indoor environment.

HVAC Capabilities

HVAC Maintenance Programs

Custom designed HVAC maintenance agreements tailored to your facility to reduce operating expenses and extend equipment life.

Test & Balance

We provide complete test & balance and commissioning services for HVAC systems.

Advantages to Preventative Maintenance

From the Federal Energy Management Program – O&M Best Practices 8/10 (

  • Increased component operational life/availability.
  • Allows for pre-emptive corrective actions.
  • Decrease in equipment or process downtime.
  • Decrease in costs for parts and labor.
  • Better product quality.
  • Improved worker and environmental safety.
  • Energy savings.
  • Estimated 8% to 12% cost savings over preventive
    maintenance program.

Controls and Electrical Services

We specialize in Direct Digital Control systems at competitive prices for new and existing facilities. Our DDC controls are designed, built, installed, and serviced by our staff — ensuring proper control and top system performance at the most energy efficient levels. Not only can our experienced team match existing Building Automation with new equipment installations; but we can also design your control system from scratch to include your HVAC equipment and your interior and exterior lighting.

LDR’s licensed electricians are able to provide an array of services from installing or replacing your site lighting to offering electrical services and repair solutions. Our attention to detail and excellent customer service, coupled with our quick response time and competitive pricing, make us an excellent control and electrical partner for your facility.

DDC Controls Capabilities:

  • Solutions delivered turnkey
  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Operator training
  • Design-build installation
  • Systems Integration

Electrical Capabilities:

  • 24/7/365 service response
  • Commercial and Industrial Electrical Power Services

Design/Build Mechanical Systems

Our professional engineers work in partnership with facility engineers, designers and managers to address conflicts in design and performance. We strive to reduce the impact that coordination challenges can have on cost and on-time project completion.

Why Use Mechanical Design/Build?

  • It provides a single point of accountability, eliminating potential disputes between the design professional and the contractor.
  • Our Engineering Team will work with you to identify your objectives, manage contractual details, and evaluate options to maximize energy efficiency, sustainability and cost validation.
  • Lines of communication are simplified, allowing for better engineering, a faster project delivery, and a more reliable mechanical system.
  • The project becomes a unified system allowing for early starts on construction and early procurement of critical materials
  • Construction costs are locked in by eliminating the change orders that permeate the plan and spec construction delivery method


AirCon Carolina’s fabrication is held to the highest code standards. Our welders are certified and experienced with the products and technologies associated with each project.


AirCon Carolina can design and install compressed air, chilled and condensed water piping, softened and potable water, steam and condensate piping.


The processes that we use to form duct sections are designed to reduce waste and maintain proper health and safety standards in workplaces.

Improperly constructed, sealed, or installed ducts can leak excessive amounts of air, provide poor air distribution, and distribute noise throughout your facility. In older buildings, ducts can get dirty over time, especially if proper maintenance is neglected.

In energy usage, ducts play a major role in friction exerted on the fan as it moves air throughout the system to how well they keep occupants comfortable by distributing heating and cooling.

BoomTrux offers a 28-ton crane rental for a variety of applications, including: placement HVAC equipment, roof trusses and materials, as well as many other lift needs. Call Scott Whitaker at (336) 809-8501 to discuss your boom truck needs and schedule your next rental.