LDR & Co. provides custom, value-focused mechanical solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

Our business is comprised of three companies with complementary specialties that allow us to provide customers with a single source for a variety of building technology solutions.

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Hadi Dabar and Rick Russell founded LDR Technologies LLC in 1999 to provide heating, air conditioning, filtration and ventilation services and controls. Our goal then, as now, is to assist facilities engineers and managers with challenging commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

AirCon Carolina Inc. was formed to complement our existing business with custom design/build mechanical services, metal fabrication and process piping.

BoomTrux rounds out our comprehensive capabilities.


The staff of LDR & Co offers combined experience of more than 65 years of design and hands-on HVAC service experience. Our sound and time-tested project management, engineering and service practices allow us to undertake the most challenging projects for heating, air conditioning, filtration, ventilation services and controls for commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

Employees and Company Culture

We believe that investing in the best employees is money well spent. We set high standards for job qualifications and performance and hire individuals that share our commitment to acting in the best interest of our customers.

Our team-based approach, coupled with the pride and ownership our employees feel for each project, allows us to consistently fulfill our promise to guarantee your satisfaction and exceed your expectations. We believe that success starts with a strong commitment and sense of integrity from the beginning of every project through to its completion. .

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For every facet of facilities construction and maintenance, our goal is to create an environment that is comfortable and safe. LDR & Co. engineers and technicians are committed to providing our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions for their facility challenges.

Our competitive advantage is our ability to work with customers to find solutions that meet the unique challenges of their project. With every project, our goal is to leverage our experience and service capabilities to increase performance of our customers’ facilities and the satisfaction and comfort of their employees.


Health and Safety

The safety of our people and clients is of utmost importance. We are proud of our safety record and work hard to promote accident-free workplaces, working with our customers and adhering to our strict safety procedures to ensure the health and physical safety at work sites.


We require regular training of our technicians, including proper practices for servicing HVAC equipment, handling refrigerants, and the proper use and disposal of chemicals. Our in-house training includes compliance with OSHA, ANSI, ARI CGA, NFPA and other industry standards.

Our Record

LDR Technologies has a long and distinguished record of safety.

Quality Control

At LDR & Co., quality control is the foundation of all that do. We actively share information about new products and processes with our staff and customers.

We work to ensure that our projects meet the highest engineering standards. We use products and practices that reduce risks and accidents for more productive projects that are sustained over a longer period of time.